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 Making a song and dance about things that matter! 

Save The Whales

3 Track EP

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3 Track EP

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Reheat It

3 Track EP

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Farmageddon play a cutting edge mix of folk, punk and protest songs. From fast and furious to melancholy and thought provoking. Born out of the demise of small family farms in England. Their song writing has moved along to cover such issues as the banking crisis, supermarket dominance and the futility of war. Farmageddon’s natural links to the soil mean that thoughts of ecology are always close to the surface.We aim to bring serious issues to people through a great night out. Formed in 2007, we cut our teeth on the local folk circuit and moved onto festivals and student unions. The five piece band strongly acoustic mainly original material. 

The band consists of:  

Brian Goodall              Guitar, Vocals

Is the creator of the band. he writes the songs and is our lead vocals. the farmer part of Farmageddon.

Hedge(Rich Toms)    Bass

Rich is one of the first few members of the band he is the man that makes the room bounce with his powerful bass lines.

John Bod                      Violin, Guitar,

John is a skilful and unique musician he shows up out of the blue and adds an excellent new pitch to the set. 

John Paul                      Guitar, Vocals

another one the the first few band members , John is an Irish singer and adds another level of power to the vocals.

Sam Brown                  Guitar

Sam is the clever string bending, cord pulling, solo hitting, guitar playing master mind. He has the power to put on a real show.

Brian, ''I had never written a song before, when a few years ago I had a serious bang on the head. I never meant to write protest songs but its just what comes out. Its great writing songs, I do it late at night. Sometimes it a comment over dinner or a news article that gets my creative juices flowing. I'm pretty sure the tunes are rifts, runs and hammer ons my guitar teacher taught me only to forget as we moved on, we never wrote anything down.

I think the bang on the head brought them all back which is lovely as it reminds me of my teacher, Cobert the wonderful fiddle player with the Cropdusters as well as a brilliant guitarist.''

Farmageddon specialises in protest songs written by Brian Goodall in an original punk/folk / rock style. Taking up the struggle against over dominant supermarkets, plastic polluting our oceans, inequality throughout the world and any other huge subject that needs to be aired.

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